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Violet Boa

Expertise and Interests

My responsibilities include planning, implementing and managing PR strategies as well as organizing and managing various PR activities.

I use different channels to optimize the outreach and success of a campaign, with a customer-oriented focus and assured delivery that I represent unequivocally, and I carry out the interests, wishes, needs and expectations of my clients.

A natural part of my work involves arranging interviews and coordination, researching and collecting opportunities for partnerships, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, influencer's and blogger, as well as supporting the team members of my client in communicating and running a campaign.

Through years of experience with social media management, which always requires excellent communication, presentation and leadership skills, as well as excellent organizational and time management skills, I have become self-critical and am always interested in new impulses.

Learning, be it self-directed or through knowledge of competent sources, is part of the daily process.

Observations and reflections (self-reflection) of the external and internal situation give me the chance to recognize problems and to change them in a positive direction.

I am a positive but also critical thinker and analytical problem solver who - with a lot of empathy - accepts conflicting interests, personal (in) tolerance and the opinions of others. I am very adaptable and willing to compromise in order to accept positive alternatives that make everyone happy and lead to the desired success.

My top ten topics of interest are fine art, photography, design, digital art, music, performing arts, literature, science, mindfulness and the positive attitude.