1. "The Company" borns as a non-comercial styles Label. Specializated in experimental styles
  2. This list inclue Real artists and Virtual ones. You can check all their info at his web profile

  3.  This brand is nonprofit and the purpose it is to to unite in a single place, quality producers, Dj's and video artist around the virtual world.

  4.  Each artist is totally independent.

  5. Our goal it is to create a family of artists, music lovers and owners, who easily can find contacts and the right places for diferent styles of music and art

  6.  The group of The Company, acts as promoter of events but also, as free Spam for the artist who belong to this collective

  7. Step by step We hope create also RL events to open more doors to our talents

  8. All the events created IW will count first, with our list of artists